Welcome to my SandrasMagic shop – design handmade knitwear for women, men and children. SandrasMagic is a private knitting studio founded in 2011. All my items are handmade from natural materials and some of them are knitted with the help of a small, hand-operated knitting machine. With pride of my roots the ethnographic patterns of Latvian folk heritage are integrated into modern knits with convenient and meaningful use.

My homeland is Latvia and I am pleased to create my own knits inspired by the beautiful color palettes of nature and the heritage of our ancestors. Finding yarn threads with dyeing close to Latvian nature colors, I can paint with yarn just like with  watercolors. Adapting our ethnographic motifs to modern clothing is an idea and my vision today. By including signs of strength in knitwear that have inspired and protected Latvians through the centuries, we continue to identify our roots and be a strong and powerful nation.

Thanks to the quality of the produced items, and personal touch as well as individual attitude towards each and every client SandrasMagic has developed a considerable network of great partners and loyal clients. Knitwear always comes into fashion!