Hand knitted scarf with ethnic Latvian folk signs


Hand knitted scarf with ethnic Latvian folk signs.
The red and white design is based on the Lielvārdes sash and is the most famous of all the decorative latvian belts, worn as part of the national costume. Its symbols are of ancient mythological significance, bestowing on the wearer protection, well-being, good luck, and health. Is ready to send with a red base and white ornament.
This scarf is knitted from lightweight wool with latvian symbols. White in the background with deep red. Great looking, and double breasted – never goes out. Soft and warm gift. This knitted scarf is with fair isle Latvian Symbols-signs is being used as luck, happiness attractor and deterrent against evil.

Size: length 200 cm (78 inches) / width 22 cm (8.66 inches)

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