Knitted shoulder shrug from soft wool


A flow of fabric to cover shoulders and upper arms like a rippling of color against a wayward breeze, it is the perfect cover-up. Soft, lovely and practical.

Wear as a shoulder shrug:

Wearing a shrug is one of the fashionable ways in which women can address both form and function in an outfit. A shrug serves the dual purpose of adding contrasting style elements, patterns, and colors to an outfit, while also allowing a woman to stay warm and look good. Since shrugs come in a wide array of designs, it can give a woman to take the time to look through various style types and ascertain which works best for her needs. She can then use the shrug as an effective element in a daytime ensemble or use it as a useful warmer with formal attire.


Size: width 70 cm / length 140 cm


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